Who We Are

Welcome to Law Chambers Of Mridul Jindal

Mr. Mridul Jindal is a first-generation lawyer who has made a significant impact in the legal field. He graduated from Jindal Global Law School, which is known for its excellent legal education. Since enrolling as an advocate at the Bar Council of Delhi in 2021, he has been practicing law in the Delhi High Court as well as various district courts, tribunals, and forums in Delhi and the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) courts.

With a specialization in Criminal and Constitutional Law, Mr. Jindal has established himself as a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner in these areas. He has a strong academic foundation and has honed his skills through practical experience. His work experience includes collaborations with think tanks, law firms, NGOs, independent advocates, the Chief Minister's office, and a Delhi High Court judge. This diverse exposure has provided him with a well-rounded perspective on legal issues.

In terms of professional affiliations, Mr. Jindal is a member of several bar associations, including the Delhi High Court Bar Association, Shahdara Bar Association, and New Delhi Bar Association. These memberships enable him to connect with fellow legal professionals and stay updated on the latest developments in the field. While Mr. Jindal's home court is the Patiala House Court in New Delhi, he handles cases in various courts and forums, showcasing his versatility as a lawyer. His areas of practice encompass a wide range of legal issues, such as Criminal Law, Cheque Bounces, Family Matters, Cybercrime, Bail, POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses), Real Estate (RERA), Consumer Forum (NCDRC), Recovery, Service Matters, Arbitration, and Law of Writs. This diverse expertise allows him to effectively assist clients in different legal matters.

Beyond his legal practice, Mr. Jindal is also involved in consultancy work for various companies and startups. His ability to provide successful outcomes for his clients demonstrates his proficiency and dedication. Additionally, he takes on the responsibility of training law students for litigation practice, sharing his knowledge and expertise to groom the next generation of lawyers. Mr. Jindal's commitment to achieving speedy remedies, improving the criminal justice system, and promoting legal rights and knowledge is commendable. By spreading awareness and ensuring access to justice, he contributes to the empowerment of individuals and the overall welfare of society. His passion for reading, thinking, and writing on legal issues further showcases his dedication to staying informed and engaged in the field. Overall, Mr. Mridul Jindal's impressive educational background, diverse work experience, extensive practice areas, and commitment to justice make him a respected and influential figure in the legal community.

How We Work

We Provide Solution with Bigger Impact


We prioritize your legal queries and problems, understanding that issues often have underlying complexities beyond what is immediately visible. We believe in dedicating ample time to listen to our clients, thoroughly understanding their concerns, and avoiding jumping to conclusions prematurely. Our approach involves delving deep into the matter, considering all relevant legal complexities, and providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Strategy And Planning

Our dedicated team of lawyers and researchers will promptly address your legal issue and develop a comprehensive action plan. Utilizing our expertise and experience, we will formulate a strategic approach to vigorously defend and advocate for your position, always keeping your best interests at the forefront. Our team's combined knowledge and solution-oriented mindset ensure a streamlined and effective process throughout your legal journey.

The Steps We Implement

An action plan without a robust implementation mechanism is prone to failure. When it comes to resolving legal problems, a solid course of action must be accompanied by effective implementation. We firmly believe in executing our plans comprehensively to yield fruitful results. Our team is dedicated to achieving parity between our planning and performance, ensuring that our strategies are effectively carried out.