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Disclaimer & Terms of Use


‘Author’ means the admin/blogger of the Blog i.e. Mridul Jindal Advocate.

‘Blog’ means all pages, posts, material or information included within this personal blog website available at domain <>.

‘User’ means any person using, reading, listening, watching, accessing etc. any content whatsoever available on this/the personal blog/website through whatever medium either directly or indirectly.

‘use/ access’ means accessing the Blog or the contents of the Blog.

About the Blog

This Blog is for informational purposes only and not for advertising or solicitation of work by the Author. The Author does not share any case details or news about his professional legal practice here. The Blog is a personal mode of speech and expression of the Author and an effort to create legal awareness amongst the countrymen.

Use of this Blog and Information is at Your Own Risk

In no way any content whatsoever thereof be considered as legal advice on any matter by the User visiting the blog howsoever. A user may not act or rely on any of the materials or information available on the Blog. The Author makes absolutely no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy, reliability, completeness, availability, or timeliness of the contents of this Blog or of the information or documents therein. Use of materials found on this Blog for any purpose whatsoever is strictly at users’ own risk. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Author of this Blog will be liable for any direct, indirect, legal, equitable, special, compensatory, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever arising from access to, use of or reliance upon this Blog or the information and documents contained therein.

Use of This Blog Does Not Create an Advocate-Client Relationship

The use, access or reliance on the contents of this Blog does not create an advocate-client relationship between users of this Blog site and any other party whatsoever including the author or guest authors. Neither transmission nor receipt of information from this Blog creates an advocate-client relationship between users of this Blog and any other party whatsoever including the author or guest authors. No advocate-client relationship exists between the users of this Blog and any other party, including but not limited to the Author.

Emailing the Author from this Blog Does Not Create an Advocate-Client Relationship

Emailing or writing to the Author to his email or from ‘write to me’ link does not create an advocate-client relationship between users of this site and the Author. The Author will not be deemed to enter into an advocate-client relationship online, through this Blog or through electronic mail or any other electronic medium. It is a legal requirement and Author’s policy to enter an advocate-client relationship only through a Vakalatnama, a written engagement or retainer agreement either physically or electronically.

Do Not Email Confidential Information to the Author

Transmission of information online, over the Internet, or through electronic means can be unstable, unreliable, and insecure. There is a risk that information may be intercepted illegally. There may also be a risk of waiving advocate-client and/or work-product privileges that might attach to such communications, where a proper advocate-client relationship does not exist. You should not send information or facts via email relating to your legal problem or question which are confidential in nature. If you are not an existing client of the author, your email may not be privileged or confidential.

Comments and Reply-Comment by the Author do not create an Advocate-Client Relationship.

The Author may sometimes reply to the comments of the users on his blogs. Such reply comments by the author do not create an advocate-client relationship and it is not legal advice. A user making comment should not rely on the reply comments of the Author as the same are given on abstract provision of law and not in the peculiar facts and circumstances on which the user may be making comment. A user should seek independent legal advice from a legal expert by disclosing all facts and circumstances and must NOT rely on information and contents available on this Blog.

This Blog is Not Intended to be a Solicitation or to Provide Legal Advice

This Blog is not intended to be a source of solicitation or legal advice. The User should NOT consider the Blog information to be an invitation for an advocate-client relationship, should not rely on information provided herein, and should always seek the advice of competent legal counsel. The Blog does not expressly share case details where the Author was representing any of the parties as counsel or advocate.

Deadlines are Fatal to Your Legal Rights and Remedies

Because deadlines are fatal to legal rights and remedies, it is imperative that anyone facing legal problems or issues speak to a competent advocate as soon as possible. The specific facts of any given situation may give rise to any number of rules and regulations of which you may or may not be aware. Never delay in contacting a competent advocate and never rely upon email as a method for contacting an advocate.

Terms and Disclaimers are Subject to Change Without Notice

These terms and disclaimers may be changed without notice. It is each individual user’s responsibility to check and review these terms and conditions and it shall not be the responsibility of the Author to inform users of any changes whatsoever.

Privacy Policy

1. Intellectual Property and Protection

The user acknowledges that the contents of this Blog, including the Mridul Jindal logo, pictures, and contents except where exclusively courtesy is notified are the intellectual property of the Author. All the contents of the Blog are protected by the applicable laws. The Author reserves the right to take suitable legal action against any violation of his legal rights.

2. No Collection of Personal Data

The Blog does not collect any personal data on its own from the user except anonymous geographical location through Google. However, to make comments a user may reveal her email id and name. The Author assures that the email ids shared here are not traded for any commercial benefit. The author will not even email you anything from his end until and unless a user subscribes to the Blog to receive automatic updates on pages and posts.

3. Limited Use of Cookies

The Blog uses cookies for its appearance on the browser. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but allow you to modify security settings so that you can approve or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis.

4. Anonymous Website Data Collection

By using the Blog, the user gives it permission to collect information about the pages served to the user as an anonymous user for the purpose of calculating aggregate site statistics. If you visit the Blog, you authorize it to use information you provide to personalize the information it delivers to you and to use user’s demographic information when calculating aggregate customer data.

5. Personal Data of User and its Use

If the user will leave any personal information in the comments sections like addresses, website links, email ID, phone number etc. then such comments will not be approved and shall not be visible to the public. Similarly, comments containing abusive, hateful or swear words will not be approved. Further, the author reserves his legal rights against users using abusive, hateful or swear words in their comments.

These policies are subject to the applicable laws at relevant times.


In case of any complaint or conflict w.r.t. to professional ethics regarding this blog, a user may please raise the issue by writing an email to me by clicking here.